Sword and the Spirit may be described as a "Word" church. In the scriptures the "Word" is often referred to as a sword. Thus the origin of the word "Sword" in our name. Everything we do is based-on and in agreement with God's word. Our purpose at Sword and the Spirit is to break the bread of the word for the edification of God's people in all of our services. We encourage everyone to test everything we say and do to make sure it is in agreement with the scriptures. 

Sword and the Spirit Christian Fellowship may also be described as what is commonly called a "Spirit Filled" or "Charismatic" Fellowship. The "Spirit" part of our name. These terms refer to our belief that the Holy Spirit still manifests Himself through His people by giving us gifts as described in 1 Corinthians 12 and 14. We believe that the Holy Spirit is available to us twenty-four hours a day seven days a week (24/7). Since Jesus is the same "yesterday, today and tomorrow" we can rely on the fact that Jesus is still available to save, heal and deliver us just as He was two thousand years ago. 

In 1947, one week before he passed away, a well-known and gifted man of God, Smith Wigglesworth, prophesied three coming moves of God. He said that the first move would bring about the restoration of the gifts of the Spirit; the second would bring a revival of emphasis on the Word of God; the third move would come when these two moves of God are combined. He added that this last move would be the greatest move the Church of Jesus Christ has ever seen. We believe the Lord led us to select this name to encourage us to be part of the church that brings in this great revival. 

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